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Breadsticks with Cheese

The only thing better than breadsticks, is breadsticks covered in melty, cheesy goodness on a puffy piece of pizza dough.

Did we mention the garlic butter base?


Includes Homemade Marinara Sauce

8 Pieces

Garlic Bread

The aromas in the kitchen at Pizza Joint are sometimes difficult for even us to handle.

Who doesn’t drool at the smell of garlic crisping up a Golden Grain bun? No worries though, we’ve trained ourselves not to eat your order before it gets to you!

4 Pieces
Add Cheese
Add Bacon

Homemade House Dip

Not everyone can claim that there house dip is made in-house. But here at Pizza Joint we are proud to say that we prepare our dip with a secret collection of spices and herbs in house. But we should probably warn you, this dip is so addictive you might start forgetting that you're supposed to "dip" and not "drink" it.


1 Dip
2 Dips
4 Dips

Pop (591 ml Bottle)

Looking for something other than our House Dip to drink? We sell a variety of Pepsi products, chilled just right to quench your thirst.


1 Bottle
2 bottles