The Hobart:
This big guy is a piece of history here at Pizza Joint. Our dough as been made fresh, in-house, since Pizza Joint first opened its doors. Over the years, nothing has changed with the recipe; the Hobart still mixes all the same ingredients as back then. Terry makes sure that each batch is as good as the last and never uses a "just add water" mix. For him, nothing can match a pizza with fresh, home-style dough!

The Pizza Roller:
This is where the magic happens. Where dough becomes the blank canvas for our artful pizzas. Since our dough is made fresh, and pizza typically needs a flat dough, we use this guy to roll our dough into the round pizza pies. From thin crust to regular crust, all pizza crusts are born here.

Homemade Sauce:

What beats the smell of fresh sauce simmering to perfection? NOTHING! If you ever have the chance to experience the smells that fill the pizzeria, you will swear that your nose has gone to the spa. With all the aromas, you will wonder if heaven could smell any better. 

Tried and True Oven: 

While at other pizzerias you might find a conveyor belt cooking your food, all you will find here at Pizza Joint are hardworking individuals taking care in making sure that all of the fresh food is cooked to order. It doesn't matter if its a sub, pizza or an order of wings: they are all cooked with love and care with our good old-fashioned oven. Just be careful, sometimes the scented sirens of deliciousness will call you to the oven. We would recommend you resist as it's quite hot in there!

The Way of the Paddle: 

There are very few pizza places here in Sudbury that still use the art of paddling. At Pizza Joint, we understand that no two pizzas are the same so each one takes its own time to be baked to perfection. With years behind the paddle, Terry has really mastered the art! Don't be afraid to ask for your crust to be well done or a little undercooked, Terry has got you covered!